The First Pair of Greek leather sandals


Greek sandals are a staple in Greece. Any island, any major city will have some shop selling Greek sandals. Basically, it’s like the olive oil in the food sector. The first pair I ever bought was from a small jewelry craft shop in the city, Thessaloniki. I walked into the store to look for a necklace. Still wearing my Naot comfy sandals, I did the “Greek head dive” and looked at the sales lady feet. I stared. I looked back up at her and complimented her sandals. They were beautiful silver leather sandals. She thanked me and mentioned that she sells them and in different colours for $40 euros. I would have never thought that a shop like this would also be selling sandals. Of course, I was ready to purchase. But, I also had to ask her about comfort. There is comfort she said, they are leather and they are solid underneath, so that when you have protection and stability. Right after I purchased them, I took off the Naots and walked outside the store with my first pair of Greek leather sandals. I was excited! I wanted all eyes on my new stylish sandals.

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