Finding Sandals Near You


Sandalopolis, is located in mid west area of Toronto.  Here you can buy Greek leather sandals that are handcrafted in Greece. Sandalopolis selects Greek sandals that are made out of natural vegetable tanned leather and from real sandal makers that use handmade techniques.  What’s really great about this is that you can buy light coloured leather and let them change colour with direct sunlight. Take a look at this picture showing my plain Greek sandals. I left them a few hours in direct sunlight to get a darker leather colour.

Buying and Crafting Your Own Sandals


One easy way to enjoy your sandals is to buy neutral leather and personalize yourself. Sandals that have a lot of detail on them can be pricey. Or in some cases might have too much or not the colours you want. Crafting your own design can save you money and allow you to have your own personalized touch. Buying plain sandals can range from about 20 euro to 40 euro. With glue you can add coloured beads, pom poms, bows or anything else you want.
So, get the glue, crafts or bijoux accessories and start decorating your own Greek sandals!