The First Pair of Greek leather sandals


Greek sandals are a staple in Greece. Any island, any major city will have some shop selling Greek sandals. Basically, it’s like the olive oil in the food sector. The first pair I ever bought was from a small jewelry craft shop in the city, Thessaloniki. I walked into the store to look for a necklace. Still wearing my Naot comfy sandals, I did the “Greek head dive” and looked at the sales lady feet. I stared. I looked back up at her and complimented her sandals. They were beautiful silver leather sandals. She thanked me and mentioned that she sells them and in different colours for $40 euros. I would have never thought that a shop like this would also be selling sandals. Of course, I was ready to purchase. But, I also had to ask her about comfort. There is comfort she said, they are leather and they are solid underneath, so that when you have protection and stability. Right after I purchased them, I took off the Naots and walked outside the store with my first pair of Greek leather sandals. I was excited! I wanted all eyes on my new stylish sandals.

The importance of shoes and style



Summers in Greece are beautiful, there’s no doubt about that! Temperatures can be really hot and that can mean some discomfort for people. One area in our summer attire we try to always keep comfortable is our feet. Many travellers will opt to wear sporty sneakers, flip flops, flat closed shoes or Birkenstocks. And, so did I when travelling one summer in Athens. I had bought from Toronto Naot sandals. They were very simple, three 1 inch wide straps and a velcro strap on the side, colour black. For travelling around and exploring a city I wanted to have ultimate comfort. But I quickly learned that especially for women, comfort needs to have some fashion style. I was noticing how the Greek people would first look at my feet and then to my face. This would happen everywhere I would go… city streets, shops, restaurants, cafes! It was a very simple process. For instance, I would walk into a store and I could sense the eyes studying my feet and then I would wait to see what their approach to me would be like. Most of the times they could tell I was a tourist. I will be honest, the Naot are like Birkenstock and they don’t c

ompliment many summer outfits. So I decided to start looking at women’s feet and see what types of shoes they would wear during the summer days. Many wear wearing leather sandals. Different styles of course. But what I also noticed was that the Greek woman took pride in her everyday appearance and made sure that her full attire, head to toe would represent her style.